Ancelotti: 'Arda Güler will stay next year, there is no doubt'

real Madrid Manager Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press after Friday night's 1-0 win over Real Sociedad and praised the man who scored the winning goal as he outlined his plans for the future, saying: ” I really liked Arda's great attitude, his fighting spirit and fighting for every ball. He is going to be very important in the future and there is no doubt that he will stay here next year.

Ancelotti on Arda Güler's work without the ball

“I loved him so much. It’s a “limit” that he has, because we all know that he has extraordinary qualities, a lot of talent. This is where he needs to improve and he is doing it. He has been working for a long time and, yes, he could have played earlier, because training is going very well, but he is very young and he will stand out. We're talking about a guy who has more goals than minutes played and that can only be a gift.

Ancelotti on other “reserve” options

“All those who played less in this last part of the season did very, very well. Arda, Dani, Fran… All, very good.

Ancelotti and Luka Modric

“He showed, as in the last matches, optimal physical condition, handling the ball very well in the second half to escape the pressure from Real Sociedad. His condition is spectacular and of course he can play on Tuesday .

Ancelotti on who will play alongside Antonio Rüdiger against Bayern Munich

“I have to look at the lineup because Militao is back, he made his first start and a very good game, we have a lot of options and I have to evaluate them in the coming days.”

Ancelotti on Militão and Courtois playing in Germany

“They have options. Thibaut could play against Cadiz, I think so and then we will evaluate each match. Today, Militão showed that he is slowly returning to his best level and has more opportunities to improve.

Ancelotti on having an eye on Munich

“I understand people thought we were coming here for a walk, but not the players. I am very proud of them, of their performance. I am very proud of them, their commitment, their attitude, their desire and their enthusiasm to continue winning. They wanted to maintain the good dynamic and I would like to thank them for that. In this sense, they were spectacular.

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