Barcelona president remorseful over how he handled Xavi's departure

Leading a giant institution as renowned as FC Barcelona is not a task for the faint-hearted and few can attest to that better than Joan Laporta.

Recent developments around the club It's been a frenzy, to say the least..

The managerial merry-go-round involving Xavi Hernández attracted a lot of criticism, given the manner in which it was forced to part ways.

But Joan Laporta has not turned a blind eye to the club's recent progress. In fact, he is aware of the club's tarnished reputation, admitting that he handled Xavi's departure poorly.

Laporta is upset by recent events

Indeed, according to SPORT With Flick officially appointed and Xavi no longer Barcelona's coach, Joan Laporta has weathered the storm, but not without emotional consequences.

According to sources, Laporta is still upset about what happened recently. Even though he beamed with Flick and cherished the Women's Champions League triumph, Xavi's dismissal and his recent health problems have taken a toll on the president.

Laporta criticizes himself for the way he handled Xavi's departure. (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

Laporta began to doubt himself during Xavi's defeatist statement before the Almeria match. As a result, their relationship became strained, with the president becoming increasingly convinced that a change of justice was necessary.

Additionally, Laporta's illness was another factor that added to his stress. Tensions remained after Xavi's visit, with the 61-year-old president hinting he would consider firing him.

An emotional escalation of events

While the media seized on the announcement of a possible change of coach and the meeting with Hansi Film becoming common knowledge, Laporta's anxiety increased.

Laporta seemed distant and emotionally exhausted during the tense conversation with Xavi about his departure.

The Barcelona president later admitted his handling of Xavi's departure had not been ideal during the Women's Champions League final at San Mames.

As such, Laporta is self-critical about recent events and hopes that with time things will improve.

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