‘Bowling coach doesn’t…’: Axar Patel reveals how Paras Mhambrey handles ‘world-class’ Jasprit Bumrah | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Left arm spinner Akhar Patel rented Jasprit Bumrah as a ‘world-class bowler’ after India’s 47-run win over Afghanistan in their first Super 8 match of the T20 World Cup THURSDAY.
The victory in the Caribbean showcased the strength and depth of the Indian bowling attack.
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Axar Patel underlined the confidence within the Indian team about their bowlers’ ability to handle difficult situations. He particularly recognized Bumrah’s expertise and the overall quality of the bowling team.
“You see, Jasprit Bumrah is obviously a world-class bowler, and you know that with the quality of bowlers that we have alongside us, we can come out of a difficult situation,” Axar said during a point of post-match press.

Patel also highlighted the Indian bowling coach’s hands-off approach. Paras Mhambrey regarding Bumrah’s strategies. He noted that Mhambrey trusts Bumrah’s judgment and encourages him to execute his game plan without much intervention.

“I don’t think anyone talks a lot about Bumrah’s bowling. He has an idea of ​​what to do and what not to do. So I think when it’s going so well, I don’t think not that the bowling coach is giving that much input that there’s some confusion in his mind He’s just saying you’re okay, what you’re thinking is okay too. what I saw bowling coach doesn’t interfere much “He says while planning that whatever your mindset is it’s clear so just execute your plans” Axar added. .
The victory demonstrated India’s tactical adaptability and the strength of their bowling unit, which has played a crucial role in their campaign in the ongoing tournament.
India will next face Bangladesh in their second Super 8 match on Saturday.

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