Brydon Carse banned from cricket after admitting betting offenses

Brydon Carse was banned after an investigation by the Cricket Regulator found he had placed hundreds of bets on cricket matches between 2017 and 2019.

Carse, who is on a two-year internship central contract with England, was banned from cricket for 16 months, although 13 of those months were suspended for two years. Carse will not be eligible for selection until August 28.

In a statement relaying the news, the Cricket Regulator said Carse accepted the charges, was cooperative throughout the investigation and “showed significant remorse for his actions”. The Cricket Regulator also added that “other significant mitigating factors” were taken into account in deciding the duration of the ban.

Despite placing 303 bets on cricket matches in the given period, there is no indication that Carse, who last played for England in December 2023 during the limited overs tour in the Caribbean, has ever bet on a match that he had any involvement in.

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