BTS’ V spotted watching football in his military uniform at Gangwon FC Home Stadium

In a heartwarming mix of K-pop and sports, BTSIt is V, was spotted at Gangwon FC Stadium. This happened during the intense match between Gangwon FC And FC Seoul on March 31, part of 2024 K Ligue 1 Round 4, organized at Chuncheon Songam Sports City.

Accompanied by fellow soldiers, V’s presence at the stadium to watch the match attracted considerable attention. Currently serving in the military, he responded to fans’ enthusiasm with a bright smile and a “V” sign when he was captured on the big screen, a moment that quickly made its way into online communities and broadcasts football, then spreading across various social media platforms. . Dressed in a military uniform, with short hair and horn-rimmed glasses, V radiated a fresh charm that had fans applauding.

V, who enlisted in December last year, is widely recognized for his cheerful attitude, even being nicknamed “the trainee who eats well” during his time at the training center. He is currently serving in the 2nd Army Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, with the Military Police Special Task Force, with his release date set for June 10, 2025.

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