Chelsea 0-2 (1-2 aggregate) Barcelona, ​​Women's Champions League semi-final: post-match reaction

As expected, Barcelona Femení would not just go to Stamford Bridge losing 1-0 on aggregate against Chelsea Women in this UEFA Women's. Champions League semi final. They took their home defeat to heart and after a few midfield clashes to control possession and the flow of play, the visitors began to dominate.

In the first leg at Barcelona, ​​Chelsea's defense and midfield were the two main factors that allowed us to take a one goal advantage on aggregate as they played well above their level usual. Today they weren't as good, and a series of poor plays from them allowed Aitana Bonmatí to put Barça level with Chelsea on the aggregate score.

An angry Chelsea found the momentum to move the ball forward and hit Barcelona as hard as they could. We almost regained the lead thanks to Melanie Leupolz, but the midfielder's shot on a goal without a goalkeeper in the area went over the crossbar.

After managing our anger, Barça found its feet on the pitch. They continued to stalk our zone, trading passes in hopes of breaking through and keeping the clock ticking until halftime.

It was difficult to imagine Chelsea getting out of this situation in normal time. Barcelona came back from the tunnels showing they wouldn't rest on the 1-1 draw, pushing their lines up and trying to take advantage of some lackadaisical moments from the back line.

But we should not underestimate our daughters. In a nice twist of play, Ashley Lawrence assisted Sjoeje Nüsken for a shot in the area. The ball rolls slowly towards the target… then hits the post.

At the same time, we must always keep in mind that this is a UEFA match. The odious refereeing presented claimed another victim in the person of Kadeisha Buchahan, who received her corresponding orders with a second yellow card for a midfield 'foul' on Patrícia Guijarro.

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea were hit hard by the numerical disadvantage. All the spaces we did our best to close were now wide open in Barcelona.

It wouldn't be a complete Barcelona Champions League game, if there wasn't a completely questionable penalty decision within it. Bonmatí went to the ground in the box and the referee didn't even make the effort to hear what VAR had to say about it. Penalty given and converted by Fridolina Rolfö.

Several changes were made, but none had a real impact. As it happened against Manchester United In the League Cup semi-final and in several other matches throughout the season, Chelsea cannot contend with 12 women on the pitch when they only have 11 – or 10, in the case today after Buchanan's second yellow.

  • Same starting lineup as last weekend, with the exception of Mayra Ramírez, with Catarina Macario in her place.
  • This commendable solidity in defense and midfield a week ago, giving way to the same old mistakes. Of course we would be punished for it.
  • You can't miss opportunities like Leupolz's if you want to reach a Champions League final.
  • I still don't know how teams other than Barcelona still accept this level of refereeing in high profile matches like these.
  • Afterwards : Liverpool away in the Women's Super League.

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