Chelsea draw against Manchester City in FA Cup semi-final

After a second most dramatic day FA Cup In the quarterfinals, we have the final four sets for this year’s competition. Chelsea went ahead with two goals in injury time, winning 4-2 against the Championship leaders. The city of LeicesterSO Manchester United took the drama to eleven, coming back twice against Liverpool to then win on the last kick of overtime, 4-3. Phew!

As exhausted as we all were, there was still one unfinished business in the FA Cup, and that was the semi-final draw.

Thus, the balls entered the hat and came out in the following order:

Coventry City vs Manchester United
Manchester City against. CHELSEA

So yes, unfortunately we did not have an easy draw. In fact, we got the toughest draw. But there’s a good chance we’ll have to face City in one way or another if we want to win this trophy, so we might as well knock them out in the semi-final.

The match will take place at Wembley on April 21 or 22. We drew twice with City in the league; it’s time to win.

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