‘Even Dhoni does this but he takes 10 steps more’: How ‘selfless’ Rohit helped Ashwin visit his ailing mother

Ashwin reveals how Rohit Sharma helped him get home amid Rajkot Test

Ashwin reveals how Rohit Sharma helped him get home amid Rajkot Test

Ashwin spoke about how Indian captain Rohit Sharma helped him overcome the dilemma of whether or not to leave his team at a crucial time.

Right after collecting his 500th Test wicketkeeper in Rajkot, against England, Ravichandran Ashwin had to leave the team midway and return home to Chennai to see his ailing mother. The veteran off-spinner, in fact, joined the team before the hosts recorded their biggest victory, in terms of run margins, against the English team in Test history.

No one outside the team knew exactly what Ashwin had experienced when the Indian team was in the middle of the third Test of the series. However, the 37-year-old has now opened up about the same and revealed the entire incident with a special mention to captain Rohit Sharma for his strong support.

On his YouTube channel, Ashwin spoke about how the Indian captain helped him overcome the dilemma of whether or not to leave his team at a crucial time.

“I asked how she was and if she was conscious. The doctor apparently told me she wasn’t fit to be seen. I started to cry. I was looking for a flight but couldn’t find one. Rajkot airport closes at 6 am as there are no flights after 6 am. I did not know what to do. Rohit (Sharma) and Rahul (Dravid) Bhai came to my room and Rohit literally asked me to stop thinking and leave to be there with my family. And he was trying to arrange a charter flight for me,” Ashwin said.

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“Kamlesh, the team physiotherapist, is a very good friend of mine. Rohit told him to fly with me to Chennai and be with me but I convinced him to stay back. When I came down, security and Kamlesh were already there waiting. Kamlesh received a call from Rohit on our way to the airport, checking on me and literally asking him to be with me during this difficult time. It was 9:30 in the evening. I was just stunned. I can’t even think about it. The two people there were the only ones I could talk to. What if there was no one there? I just thought that even if I was captain, I would tell my players to go home. No hesitation about it. But will I call people to check on him? I don’t know. Amazing. I saw an exceptional leader in Rohit Sharma that day,” he added.

“My respect for him increased enormously after that”

Ashwin was certainly upset by Rohit’s gesture, saying that someone who thinks about

“I have played under several captains and leaders, Rohit has something in him, just for his good heart. He has won 5 IPL titles, tied with Dhoni,” Ashwin said.

“God doesn’t make things easy. He should get something greater than all this, which God will give him. In such a selfish society, a man who thinks about the well-being of others is rare. My respect for him grew immensely after that. I already respected him as a leader, he supports a player without asking questions until the last moment. It’s not an easy thing. Even Dhoni does this. But he takes 10 more steps,” he added.

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