'Every player should be given…': Rohit Sharma reveals captain's mantra ahead of T20 World Cup | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: ahead of T20 World CupIndian captain Rohit Sharma shared his insights on his captaincy mantra, emphasizing clarity, communication and team unity as pillars of his leadership approach.
Rohit, known for his calm and tactical acumen, emphasized the importance of clear communication with each team member, ensuring roles and expectations are well understood.He believes that open dialogue fosters a positive environment, where players feel valued and motivated to give their best.
Rohit believes that the ultimate challenge for any captain is to ensure that all players are on the same page.
“The biggest challenge for any captain is dealing with different types of players as each individual has a distinct thought process and varying demands. What a captain can do is absorb everything and react accordingly.
The biggest thing I have learned since becoming captain is that every player must be equally important so that everyone feels like they are part of this team and that they are important,” said Rohit on Featured sports.
“Whenever someone gives you a problem, you have to listen to them carefully and come up with the best solution. I believe I have to prepare myself not only as a captain but also as a player,” Rohit added.

Rohit has clearly stated that his approach to leading the team is a bit different.
“My approach to captaincy is different, as I believe in more data-driven analysis and understanding new trends. I spend a lot of time in meeting rooms preparing for certain situations that might arise during the match. It's basically not for me the player but for me because I need to know these situations, and when they come on the field, I have to be ready to provide answers.
This is how I prepare for each stage, and if I feel that some important things need to be shared with the players, then I do it with them; otherwise, if it's not important, I won't do it. But for my part, I go with my preparation to know the pitch, the opposition and how the team is playing against me lately.
The T20 format is constantly evolving and every player plays differently. You need to understand their style of play and hence we tell our bowlers and batters to plan accordingly. Basically, I try to filter information and then pass it on to my teammates without overcomplicating things.”
Preparing for the T20 World Cup, Rohit is focusing on strategic planning and adaptability, ready to face the dynamic challenges of Cricket T20 with a well-prepared and confident team.

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