Fit to star in 'Just 3 more years', Dinesh Karthik reveals the real reason behind his retirement

Dinesh Karthik in action for RCB©AFP

Dinesh Karthik retired from the Indian Premier League (IPL) following Royal Challengers Bengaluru's exit from the competition in 2024. Karthik, hailed as one of India's best finishers in recent times, was once again one of the best players of RCB as he scored 326 runs at a strike rate of 187.36. In a conversation with cricbuzz, Karthik spoke about his decision and said that while he is physically fit to play for “another three years”, it is the mental aspect of the sport that has led him to hang up his boots. He added that he doubted his ability to play such long tournaments.

“I think I'm physically very well prepared to play another three years. Especially with the Impact player rule, it becomes a lot easier. So, in terms of playing this sport, I think I would have easily was able to push for another cycle. I I haven't had too many problems in my life. I've never missed a game because of an injury in my three decades. my body or my fitness it all depends on the mental side of things, whether I will be able to attack as much before the tournament, whether if I don't play as many matches, will I be ok. .”

Karthik further said that he felt that he was not able to push himself mentally and the fact that it was very difficult for him to find a place in the Indian cricket team also contributed to his decision.

“I strongly believe in whatever I'm trying to do, I try to commit to it 100% and do everything I can to be the best at it. And I thought that from now playing wouldn't know, but internally I would find it very hard and I would live with guilt, I don't want that,” he added.

“Taking all this into account, I thought it was time [to retire]. And above all, the fact that no matter what I did, I wouldn't be able to play for India again was very obvious. So that was the final nail in the coffin.”

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