Former Pakistan captain defends comments calling Virat Kohli ‘selfish’, saying it doesn’t matter who… | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: former Pakistani skipper Mohamed Hafeez maintained his statements, calling Virat Kohli “selfish” during the ICC ODI World Cup Last year.
In the World Cup match against South Africa, Virat Kohli scored 101 runs from 121 balls, maintaining a strike rate of 83.47. Despite hitting 10 fours and no sixes, his performance drew criticism from Hafeez.


Speaking recently on the Club Prairie Fire podcast, Hafeez commented: “I think I was right at that point if you see the whole context. For me, it doesn’t matter who plays. Your intention and way of playing should always be aimed at winning the game. But if someone hesitates to play big shots at 90, I will not accept it after 95, if someone takes five balls to reach his 100 and his intention changes after scoring 100, why can’t -it doesn’t play the same way. shots he made at 95 or 92 points? For me, the intention should always remain the same: to add the best possible value to your team’s victory.

Indian team.

“So, I felt Virat was taking too many balls to reach his hundred, and he wasn’t playing big shots. If you watch his century again, you might understand what I was saying. Personal milestones should be secondary to the team’s success. cricket, I don’t appreciate the 50s and 100s that weren’t for a winning cause. In cricket, even a single run can make the biggest difference,” Hafeez added.
Currently, Kohli is preparing for the first Super 8 match against Afghanistan in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in the Caribbean.
His recent performances in the tournament have been disastrous, with scores of 1, 4 and 0 in consecutive matches raising questions about his form.
With the tournament now moving from the United States to the Caribbean, Kohli is hoping for a change in fortunes.

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