Gary Kirsten: ‘Ghee on fire’: Former India cricketer on Gary Kirsten’s ‘remarks’ on Pakistan team unity | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian cricketer and cricket commentator Akash Chopra noted that the remarks reported by Pakistan the head coach Gary Kirsten after the 2024 team T20 World Cup The release worked like a “ghee on fire” on the mainstream controversies.
Kirsten, who was recently appointed as the limited-overs head coach, is said to have criticized the team’s lack of unity following their poor performance.
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“Gary Kirsten was quoted as saying that the Pakistan team was not a team at all, that they were trying to pull each other’s legs, that groups were being created and everyone was divided, that they were playing together but not were doing nothing like playing together, the five fingers don’t combine to make a fist They say he said that in the locker room and that thing came out,” Chopra said in a video shared on his YouTube channel. .

Pakistan’s T20 World Cup campaign ended in the group stage with defeats to co-hosts USA and India in Group A. Several former cricketers said the Pakistan team looked fragmented.
Although Kirsten denied making the remarks, Chopra added that in Pakistan cricket, anything can be leaked, especially after a bad campaign.

“Gary Kirsten probably said he didn’t say anything like that, but Pakistan cricket is like a sieve. Whatever you put in, it leaks out the other end. Since it’s Pakistan cricket and ‘A bad campaign, it reminds you of one thing – Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. It worked like ghee on fire,’ said the former Indian opener.

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