Harbhajan Singh calls Kamran Akmal 'Nalaayak' despite public apology received for unpleasant remarks on religion

Harbhajan Singh launched a new attack against Kamran Akmal for his unpleasant remark on the Sikh religion. The former Indian player, who received a public apology of Akmal the day before, acknowledged his forgiveness but reiterated the damage and hurt caused by the former Pakistan goalkeeper's “insensitive” and absurd comment. During the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match, Akmal, who is part of the ARY News broadcast panel, targeted the religion of Arshdeep Singh, who was playing the final over of the match.

Harbhajan Singh hasn't forgotten Kamran Akmal's remarks (Getty)

Anything can happen…see Arshdeep Singh must do the latter. Well, he hasn't found his rhythm. 12 bajj gaye hai (Anything can happen. The last over will be bowled by Arshdeep Singh; he didn't look in good rhythm. And it's already 12 o'clock),” Akmal said while laughing along with other panelists at the emission.

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After being ripped apart by Harbhajan and other former high-profile cricketers, Akmal was quick to apologise, expressing that he was “deeply sorry”: “I deeply regret my recent comments and apologize sincerely to Harbhajan Singh and the Sikh community. My words were inappropriate and disrespectful. I have the utmost respect for Sikhs around the world and it was never my intention to hurt anyone. I am really sorry.

However, Harbhajan assured that he gave Akmal peace of mind by reminding him of the seriousness of the matter and warned him to be careful of his words in future.

“This is a very absurd and childish statement that only a 'Nalaayak' can make. Kamran Akmal should understand that there is no need to say anything about anyone's religion and leave it alone. mock I would like to ask Kamran Akmal – Do you know the history of Sikhs, who are Sikhs and all the work that Sikhs have done to save your community, your mothers, your sisters,” Harbhajan said while addressing. at ANI.

“Ask your ancestors this, at noon the Sikhs were attacking the Mughals and saving your mothers and sisters, so stop talking nonsense. It's good that he understood so quickly and apologized but he shouldn't never try to hurt anyone again. Sikh or any religion. We respect all religions, whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or Christianity.

Kamran Akmal's story with India

Harbhajan and Akmal played a lot of cricket together during the India-Pakistan matches. Harbhajan was part of the hotly contested match in the 2009 Asia Cup where Akmal and Gautam Gambhir engaged in a heated exchange and almost came to blows. This was not the only instance where Kamran had an altercation with an Indian cricketer. Three years later, while Pakistan were touring India for a T20I series, Akmal and Ishant Sharma had an even more intense argument, for which both were fined.

The incident took place soon after Ishan dismissed well-placed Mohammad Hafeez for 61 in Pakistan's chase of 134. Ishant was docked 15 percent of his match fee, while Akmal s came out with 5 percent. As Akmal later revealed, Ishant uttered a swear word while he was “throwing 20”. The match progressed to the final before Shahid Afridi took Pakistan over the line.

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