'He said a lot of nice things about you…': Virat Kohli perplexed by his 'friend' Sunil's reference, almost caught off guard | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Virat Kohli has been in exceptional form during IPL 2024. The prolific batsman currently holds the Orange Cap with 661 runs from 13 matches, at an impressive average of 66.10. Virat, who batted at a strike rate of 155.16, including one century and five fifties, is gearing up for the crucial match against Chennai Super Kings on Saturday (May 18).
Before this highly anticipated and unmissable clash between CSK and RCB, Virat was surprised during the last episode of the RCB Insider show with Mr.Nags.

The conversation started with a witty pun from the host Mr. Nags, who mentioned Sunil's name. This almost caught Virat off guard until Mr. Nags quickly clarified with 'Chhetri', making Virat and the host burst into laughter.

Here's how the conversation went:
Mr Nags: “See Virat, I want to talk about a friend of yours. Not mine but your friend. He said a lot of nice things about you…Sunil.”
Virat: “WHO?”
Mr Nags: “Chhetri” (Virat and the host burst out laughing)
Virat revealed that Chhetri had personally informed him about the decision to retire.
Virat: “He (Chhetri) also sent me a message, informing me that he was going to do it. But I would say he felt like he was at peace with the decision. Over the years, I became very close to him. I wish him nothing but the best. He's a lovely, sweet guy.

The conversation between Virat and Mr Nags humorously referred to the Sunil Gavaskar-Virat saga, which had taken social media by storm after the former cricketer criticized Virat's strike rate.
“If you have a strike rate of 118, you face the first ball and then you get out in the 14th or 15th over and your strike rate is 118 – if you want applause for that then it's a bit different, » Gavaskar had said.

“We've all played a bit of cricket, not a lot, but we talk about what we see. We don't necessarily have likes and dislikes. Even if we have likes or dislikes, we actually talk about what's going on. So, I would be very disappointed if Star Sports showed this once again because it would call into question all of us commentators,” Gavaskar had said.
In the next match, Virat hit 92 off 47 balls against Punjab Kings and was named Man of the Match.
During the post-match presentation, Virat cheekily responded to Gavaskar's comments and said, “It was important to maintain my batting rate throughout the innings, so I wanted to take the momentum,” said Kohli with a wry smile at half-time. innings interview with broadcasters.

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