'If Ganguly couldn't read this pitch…': Former Indian cricketer criticizes Delhi Capitals' decision to bat first against KKR | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Delhi Capitals' decision to strike first against Horsemen Knights of Calcutta At Gardens of Eden Monday proved costly as they posted a below-average total of 153/9. KKR comfortably chased down the target with seven wickets in hand and 21 deliveries to spare, consolidating their second place in the rankings. initial loading points table.
Former Indian cricketer and renowned analyst Akash Choprain a candid assessment on his YouTube channel, expressed surprise at DC's decision to bat first after winning the toss. Chopra highlighted the historical trend at Eden Gardens, noting that batting-first teams have struggled to achieve wins in recent matches at the venue.
“Who bats first after winning the toss? I'm not too critical but I have to talk about it if it's the truth,” Chopra remarked, pointing out that the team that won the toss n 'has chosen to bat first only twice in the last 30 years. matches at Eden Gardens, both resulting in losses for the batting team.

He pointed out that while pursuit does not always guarantee victory, the reluctance to strike first in Calcutta has become a notable trend.
Despite DC's recent successes while batting first in Delhi, Chopra questioned the decision to replicate the strategy at Eden Gardens.
“Whatever happens, batting gets slightly easier later, but Delhi said they would bat first. I was surprised. Yes Sourav Ganguly I couldn't read this pitch, who could? This land is like the back of his palm. You know all this, so it was not understandable,” he remarked, suggesting that even DC’s mentor Sourav Ganguly, with his intimate knowledge of the terrain, may have misjudged the conditions.
Chopra's review highlights the strategic nuances of IPL cricket, highlighting the importance of adaptability and tactical awareness in decision-making.

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