'If we win against Pakistan, we will…': Yuvraj Singh on the showpiece T20 World Cup clash | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The much awaited India-Pakistan cricket match should take place in new York on June 9. Former cricket star Yuvraj Singhwho has played in many exciting encounters between the two nations, is excited about this match as it would be the first time he would watch it from the stands.
“Well, it's a game of emotion. If we win, we'll go crazy. If we lose, we'll go crazy.But the fact is, if we win, they will go crazy for us. If we lose, they will go crazy for us. That's the difference”, Yuvraj said.
“But I think whether it's against India, Pakistan or any other game, I'm sure the guys are going for it 100 per cent. It's just that I always feel like the team that's in control better his emotions that day and concentrate on the situation of the match, they will win the game.


“In the last two years, we have had a better record than Pakistan. And I hope we can continue on this path.”
The stylish left-handed batter added: “I think I wouldn't be so nervous about going to the India-Pakistan match while watching it. I watched it on TV, but I never went on the ground to watch an India-Pakistan match This will be the first time.
Yuvraj said “locals” will have to “play the game and explore it” for cricket to gain traction in the United States. He is amazed by Americans' propensity to hype their sports.
The current T20 World Cup is co-hosted by the United States and the West Indies, with matches scheduled in New York, DallasAnd Fort LauderdaleFlorida.
“To all the (Indian-American) fans who come here for cricket and who I know want India to win, but I think you should encourage your American friends and all the people around the world to come and watch every match and encourage the sport of cricket in America,” Yuvraj said.


Yuvraj was present at the Fan Park launch at the Oculus Trade Center in New York, where he is an ICC ambassador for the T20 World Cup.
“I'm sure it's a place where all the best sports in the world are played. America is a place where all sports are popular.
“In our country, I know cricket is very popular among other sports, but I think it will be amazing to see cricket grow in America because I think the way Americans organize the sport, I don't don't see so many things happening in the world,” he added.
This is the first time that the United States, a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), has hosted a cricket tournament of this scale, and it is generating some attention in this region of the world passionate about American football (NFL ). , baseball and the NBA.
“Certainly the interest is growing in America. The major league (cricket) has developed very well, cricket is really growing. I think the way the Americans organize the sport is incredible, and if they can pack cricket like that, like their sports, it will be awesome to watch.
“But, along the way, locals are going to have to play the game and explore it. It's going to take time. But, like I said, the Americans, the way they present the sport, is incredible, and s “They can do it with cricket, it will be good to watch,” Yuvraj said.
Yuvraj is excited to see Americans not only participating, but also hosting a premier international cricket competition. In Dallas, the United States beat rivals Canada by seven wickets to start their campaign.


“All the best to you and Team USA, but India is way ahead in cricket right now. A part of you, which is also Indian, so I know inside you want India wins too.
“But to say a few words about this iconic place, we all know the history here and we all know what happened and people’s lives matter.
“And to the World Cup teams, I wish them all the best and may the best team win, and I hope you really enjoy the tournament and cheer for all the teams. I know you want to support India, but if India is not playing, encourage other teams as well,” Yuvraj said.


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