“If you are number one, you should…”: Suryakumar Yadav on batting in different conditions | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: the world’s number one hitter Suryakumar Yadav adapted his style of play to the difficult wickets encountered during the T20 World Cup. However, he expects the Caribbean grounds to be more conducive to his natural hitting game.
India’s Super 8s journey begins on Thursday against Afghanistan. The team will also face Bangladesh and Australia in Saint Lucia, a venue which has already recorded the highest total in the tournament. They will also play matches in Antigua.
New York’s ‘spicy’ wickets forced Suryakumar to be patient, especially when playing shots behind the wicket. In India’s match against the United States, he guided the team to victory with an unbeaten 50 off 49 deliveries, a strike rate significantly lower than his impressive average of 168.06.
“If you have been number one for two years, you should be able to bat in different conditions and change the game according to the needs of the team. This shows good batting skills and that is what I try “, Suryakumar said during a media interaction. here Tuesday.

“It’s difficult to generate that force when there is no pace on the wicket and when someone has read your game well. So at that point you have to be very smart about how you want extend your sleeves.
“You have to change according to the situation, the requirements of the team at that time and talk to your partner who is inside, calm your nerves and then move forward in the round.”

Suryakumar is eager to showcase his all-round batting style once again in the West Indies, even though he has not faced major challenges with the conditions in the United States.
“I was happy to play there too (laughs). It’s not that we weren’t happy to play there, but we were playing for the first time, so yes, the conditions were different and little difficult too. But we played here (in the West Indies), we know the conditions.
The Kensington Oval pitch has a distinct brownish appearance, which the Indian team also observed during their previous tour of the Caribbean.

“The training grounds, yes, they were a bit spicy in New York. It was cool. They created the conditions after learning that there was a World Cup there. Here they made some photos regularly and it’s much better than (United States),” he said.
The spinners have performed well in the Caribbean conditions so far in the tournament, but Suryakumar is unfazed.
“That has always been my strong point (sweeps and reverse sweeps). I tried to play the same way as I did in practice.”

In a strategic approach, Virat Kohli was paired with the captain Rohit Sharma to open the stick, while Rishabh pants was elevated to third place. The question remains: If India suffers early losses at the wicket, will Suryakumar adapt his approach to the situation?
“Nothing like that happened. We try to play the format of the game. If there are early wickets, you still have to put runs on the board and bat with the same intention. That’s what we let’s try to tell ourselves to take the positive path.
“The management left it to the players to decide at that time,” he added.

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