India Head Coach Interview LIVE Updates: Gautam Gambhir not alone in the fray, WV Raman’s presentation impresses BCCI

India Head Coach Interview Live Updates: Gautam Gambhir and WV Raman© BCCI/IPL

BCCI Announcement by India Head Coach LIVE: The race to become the next coach of the Indian cricket team has suddenly become interesting. Initially, it was reported that Gautam Gambhir was the only candidate to give the interview. However, on Tuesday, several news agencies and publications reported that Gambhir had competition. Indeed, the other candidate – WV Raman – gave his interview on Tuesday, as did Gmabhir. A report adds that on Wednesday, another candidate may give an interview. The tenure of the next coach of the Indian cricket team begins on July 1, 2024 and will continue until December 31, 2027.

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    Indian Coach Interview Live: The Story So Far

    Today could be the day when the BCCI announces the next head coach of the Indian cricket team. According to the information available so far, Gautam Gambhir and WV Raman are the two candidates who have been interviewed. This comes as a surprise as some reports indicated that Gambhir was the only candidate. one report even states that although Gambhir is the favorite, the BCCI appreciated WV Raman’s presentation.

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    Coach appointment live: Cryptic message from WV Raman

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    Interview with Indian Coach Live: Know the Candidates

    That’s not all. Gambhir, as a mentor, guided the new franchise Lucknow Super Giants to the IPL playoffs twice. Then in 2024, as KKR’s mentor, he guided the team to the title. Gambhir is also a former IPL-winning captain with Kolkata Knight Riders.

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    Live coach meeting: get to know the candidates

    Now the second candidate: Gautam Gambhir. A member of India’s 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 ODI World Cup winning teams, Gambhir was one of the best left-handed openers this country has produced. In the 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 ODI World Cup, he played a crucial role. After hanging up his playing boots, he wore the mentor cap for several IPL teams.

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    Interview with Indian Coach Live: Know the Candidates

    Let’s look at the two candidates whose names have appeared so far: 1st, the surprise candidate – WV Raman. A veteran of 11 Tests and 27 ODIs, Raman is 59 years old. Interestingly, the BCCI has said that candidates must be below 60 years of age. Raman played domestic cricket for Tamil Nadu as a left-handed batter and part-time left-arm spinner. Raman was also the coach of the Indian women’s national team.

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    Coach Live meeting: A 3-way race?

    The coaching selection process is also expected to continue tomorrow. Several reports have claimed that a foreign coach will be interviewed. But so far it is not clear who this person will be. Is the BCCI considering multiple roles in the coaching role? No reports so far point in this direction.

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    Indian Coach Live Interview: When will the coach be appointed?

    When will the Indian coach be appointed? This is an interesting question. According to news agency PTI, an Apex Council meeting will be held on Tuesday evening and it is understood that BCCI secretary Jay Shah will brief the members about the coach selection process before the final announcement is made. The CAC is also interviewing some interested candidates for the position of coach of the North zone.

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    Live coach meeting: what happened during the interview?

    “Yes, Gambhir showed up for the CAC interview. A round of discussions took place today. Another round is expected tomorrow,” a BCCI source told PTI. “Raman was interviewed after Gambhir. It was also on zoom. He also gave his presentation on his vision and roadmap for Indian cricket. The interview lasted for around 40 minutes. The committee asked some initial questions before watching the presentation,” the source informed.

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    Coaching appointment live: What Gambhir said on becoming India coach

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    Indian coach’s live interview: Gambhir’s ‘requirements’

    Earlier, a report by news agency IANS had claimed that the BCCI had agreed to several requests from Gambhir. It included full team command, separate teams for the white ball and the red ball. The BCCI has officially invited applications for the post of India head coach, with the deadline set for May 27. According to the job description, India’s new men’s head coach would work for all three formats from July 2024 to December 2027.

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    Live coach meeting: who is the overseas star?

    If indeed a foreign star is interviewed for the coaching position, it will be interesting to see who it is. Earlier, Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting spoke of an ‘approach’

    “…there were a few little one-on-one conversations during the IPL, just to pique my interest as to whether I was going to do it,” Ponting told the ICC. “I would love to be a senior coach of a national team, but with the other things I have in my life and wanting to spend some time at home… everyone knows that if you accept a job with the Indian team, you can’t be involved in an IPL team, so that would take away that as well.

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    Indian Coach Live Interview: What Jay Shah Said

    “Neither I nor the BCCI have approached any former Australian cricketer with a coaching offer. The information circulating in some sections of the media is completely incorrect. Finding the right coach for our national team is a meticulous and thorough process We focus on identifying individuals who “Have a deep understanding of the structure of Indian cricket and have progressed through the ranks. It is essential that our coach has in-depth knowledge of our domestic cricket framework to truly take the Indian team to the next level,” Shah had said.

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    Appointment of Indian coach live: a foreign star in the fray?

    More exciting updates are coming. If news18’s report is true, then a foreigner will also be interviewed for the post of Indian cricket coach on Wednesday. However, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah had clearly mentioned that India’s next head coach would be someone who understands Indian cricket at its core.

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    Interview with Indian coach live: BCCI impressed by new candidate!

    The report further stated that WV Raman’s presentation was very thorough and appreciated by the CAC. “Gambhir had a virtual interview but Raman’s presentation was very impressive and detailed. The CAC is likely to interview a foreign candidate tomorrow. Gambhir has the edge but Raman’s presentation was very thorough,” the report quotes a BCCI official.

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    BCCI Live Interview: Gambhir is not the only candidate!

    BIG RUPTURE! However, according to a report from News18, Gautam Gambhir was not the only candidate interviewed by the BCCI on Tuesday. Alongside Gambhir, former Indian star WV Raman was also interviewed. The report said a foreign star will also be interviewed on Wednesday.

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    Gautam Gambhir Live Interview: The Master of Difficult Tasks

    Gautam Gambhir is known to be someone who is not afraid to call a spade, “a spade”. He has repeatedly said that in his team there is no “senior or junior”. Everyone is treated the same. He is known to be a relentless taskmaster who can get the best out of a player.

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    Interview with Gautam Gambhir live: Meeting over!

    According to the latest update by news agency PTI, the first round of interviews between Gautam Gambhir and the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) – the panel that will shortlist India’s next coach has been completed. The two parties met virtually. “Yes, Gambhir showed up for the CAC interview. A round of discussions took place today. Another round is expected tomorrow,” a BCCI source told PTI.

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    Gautam Gambhir’s coach Live: Is he the man?

    Gautam Gambhir won two World Cups (ODI and T20I) as a player for the Indian cricket team. He was a star hitter. After his retirement, Gambhir played many roles including being a star cricket pundit on various channels. But he has been very effective as a mentor in the IPL side. Under his mentorship, Lucknow Super Giants made it to the IPL playoffs twice. IN 2024, he joined KKR as a mentor and led the team to the title.

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    BCCI Live Interview: Hello and welcome!

    Hello everyone! The appointment of the next coach of the Indian cricket team can take place at any time. The tenure of the next coach begins after the conclusion of the 2024 T20 World Cup. Gautam Gambhir is said to be the only candidate who has applied for the job. However, there is no official update on who will be the next Indian coach.

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