IPL 2024 – “Definitely in the conversation” – Tom Moody on Mayank Yadav’s T20 World Cup chances

“It would be crazy not to look at the players who are in form,” Mitchell McClenaghan said on ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time Out Live.

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Should Mayank be included in the Indian T20 WC squad soon?

Should Mayank be included in the Indian T20 WC squad soon?

Tom Moody thinks fast bowler is ‘definitely in the conversation’

Mayank Yadav has only played two IPL matches, but the conversation has already started if he should be part of India’s squad for the T20 World Cup in June.

In his IPL debut on Saturday, Mayank took 3 for 27 against the kings of Punjab and was named player of the match. During his tenure, he recorded 155.8 kmph, the fastest speed in IPL 2024.

Three days later, against Royal Challengers Bengaluru at Chinnaswamy Stadium, he improved it. He clocked 156.7 km/h and made 3 of 14 to win his second consecutive Player of the Match award.

Speaking on ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time Out Live show, Tom Moody said: “He’s definitely in the conversation. Whether you take that risk by throwing a punt at him or not is another conversation, because you also have to consider what skills you need in this reserve fast bowler – is- that someone who is a powerplay bowler, or someone who has the ability to bowl at the death, all these subtle skills are important when you talk about a T20 World Cup.

Mitchell McClenaghanMoody’s co-panelist, said if Mayank continues the same way, he would be “right in the mix” to join the T20 World Cup squad.

“If his form continues throughout this tournament, the World Cup starts six days after the IPL, I think he would be crazy not to look at the players who are in good shape for this tournament,” McClenaghan said.

“He may not have the caps behind him, but if he continues this momentum and can maintain his pace throughout the tournament and continue to win matches – he has won two matches in a row, his first two matches – then you’re right in the mix. Far shot but you wouldn’t say never.”

Moody: Mayank has great control and a mature head to keep up with his pace

Varun Aaron says Mayank’s consistency sets him apart from other pacers

Fast bowler Varun Aaron also had the same point of view. “I think no matter what the discussions are, he should focus on one game at a time,” he said. “Because it will automatically help him make his case. With the kind of work he has done in the last two games, it attracts a lot of eyeballs, but it needs to be repeated over a period of time. The T20 World Cup, I’m sure, he’ll be a contender if he backs it up with a few more performances, because he’s bowling on absolute gas.”

Apart from the blistering pace, what stands out is Mayank’s precision. On Tuesday, he bowled 17 runs in his spell, and not a single wide or no-ball.

“What’s so impressive is not just the pace – it’s like everyone loves to see a Nicholas Pooran hit the ball out of the ground, it’s exhilarating to watch – but it’s his control” , Moody said. “Not only is he in control, but he seems to have a pretty mature head on his shoulders in terms of the way he bowls, the lines and lengths he bowls. It’s a real find.”

Aaron was also impressed with Mayank’s control.

“Before the game we said the lines would be important,” he said. “Not just lines, even lengths, he adapted. He bowled a few yorkers, it’s not just about length bowling and being one-dimensional. The ball sent to Cameron Green was magnificent. He had hit it for a really convincing draw from the previous ball.

“I think he was a second late on this [wicket] ball. It just ricocheted off the stumps, I think it made a bounce four. This is a great sign. He has very good control. And he has a really, really repeatable clean action that allows him to play those lines over and over again. Not a single cut, not a single bullet along the leg. Amazing.”

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