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NEW DELHI: The ‘Impact Player’ rule, according to Michael Husseythe hitting coach of the Super Kings of Chennaiextended his batting order, allowing former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to bat as late as number eight in this IPL.
With the implementation of the “Impact Player” rule in the 2023 edition, each franchise is now allowed to designate five substitutes, one of whom can come into play as a substitute.
On Tuesday, CSK defeated Gujarat Titans in Chennai by scoring 206 for six, which was enough to win the match.


Even if his admirers were getting a little impatient, Dhoni didn’t seem to be happening with seven batters at bat.
“It’s definitely a directive from head coach (Stephen) Fleming to keep moving the game forward. The ‘impact player’ has extended the batting order, with MSD at number eight, which is crazy , and he is hitting well (in the nets) at the moment,” Hussey told reporters during the post-match media interaction.
“For this reason, the top order hitters can take the positive (offensive) route. They certainly have the support of the coaches and the captain. Even if they get through it, it’s not a big deal and they will not be criticized. We want to continue to play fast.”
Rachin Ravindra of New Zealand continued their torrid form with a 20-ball 46.


Describing his pre-season work with Rachin, Hussey said it was about giving him the opportunity to “play his best cricket”.
“He’s off to a great start; it’s great to watch. He came here with a lot of energy and wants to learn more and have a positive impact on the team. He left with a clear mind and a great attitude positive,” he said.
“He enjoys his time and absorbs as much knowledge as possible. He also gets a little (energy) from the crowd, and once he hits a few shots, his confidence grows and he feels like he can play on that stage.”
Hussey believes his job is primarily to ensure Rachin stays in a positive mindset in order to produce optimal results.
“There’s not much to work on given the world-class player he is. It’s more about trying to get them into the best mindset and going out there and to play their best cricket. So it’s not about improving too. a lot, but help him to go out there to enjoy and play his best cricket.
It was two out of two for the new CSK skipper Ruturaj Gaikwadreplacing Dhoni, while Hussey called him a “cricket-savvy guy”.
“Rutu is fantastic and very well prepared. Him, Fleming and MSD meet to discuss tactics before the match,” he said.

“But, in the way he changes pitches, he has a clear mindset and the message to the bowlers is also clear. He has good support around him, but he is a smart, cricket-savvy guy who understands the game well, and he also has a good team to work with.”
One of the talked-about players for CSK was Sameer Rizvi, who hit ace GT spinner Rashid Khan for two sixes, and Hussey praised his natural hitting ability.
“He has natural hitting ability, especially against spinners. He can hit long and is very clean. But it is still a big task for him to come out and hit arguably the best T20 bowler for a six over the first ball,” he attested.
Promoting a rookie ahead of Dhoni was a “masterstroke” according to Hussey.
“It was also a masterstroke from the focus group, as we expected MSD to come in and play the last few balls. But they realized Rizvi had some natural power against spin, and he delivered his promises. The crowd loved it too.”
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