IPL 2024 Playoffs Qualification Scenarios Explained: CSK, RCB Gain Momentum; DC almost eliminated

After the penultimate double-header before the IPL qualifiers, RCB and CSK keep their playoff hopes alive while Delhi Capitals, despite a strong run through the middle of the tournament, are almost out of the race for the IPL 2024 qualifiers. With eight matches remaining in the league stages, only KKR has clinched a playoff spot while RR, although they could be in pole position to clinch the second playoff spot, the third Consecutive defeat put them in a vulnerable position. SRH, currently ranked 3rd, have one match more than their closest competitors CSK, RCB and DC. Here's a look at possible IPL 2024 playoff qualification scenarios and what teams need to do

Qualification Scenarios for IPL 2024 Playoffs

Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR have qualified and are leading the IPL 2024 points table with 18 points.

Remaining matches

KKR are assured of a top 4 spot after beating MI in the rain-shortened match in Kolkata last night, and with two games still to play, they will now look to seal the top spot. They can go up to 22 points, tying the record for the most points accumulated during the championship stages. They will face GT in Ahmedabad and then RR in Jaipur in their last two matches, and it will be their final league match against Rajasthan which could decide the top two of IPL 2024.

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Rajasthan Royals – RR are currently placed second in the points table with 16 points.

Remaining matches

The defeat against CSK yesterday was Rajasthan Royals' third on the trot, and while they have remained vital for most of the league so far, RR are showing signs of vulnerability. They still have two games left and just need one win to seal their playoff spot. Their remaining two matches will be at home – against PBKS and table leaders KKR. The match against eliminated PBKS will be their best chance to get the Q. A win for RR will ensure that neither CSK, RCB, DC or LSG can surpass them in the points total. But if RR loses its remaining two matches and remains with 16 points, it is possible that three other teams could also reach 16 points. NRR could come into play in this case, and SRH and CSK could overtake RR. It is very unlikely that LSG, even if they get 16 points, will surpass RR in NRR. So, RR will sneak in even if they lose their remaining two matches.

Chennai Super Kings – CSK are currently third on the points table with 14 points

Remaining matches

CSK's victory over RR means that CSK can claim a playoff spot in their final league match against RCB in Bengaluru. This match will become a virtual knockout due to RCB's position in the table. If CSK wins, they will move to 16 points, eliminating RCB, but they will still need to seal a playoff spot as RR can move out of CSK's reach with two wins, just like SRH. LSG can tie the points with CSK, and if LSG gets big wins, then NRR can decide the final place. But LSG's NRR could be better, and it is unlikely that they will be able to overtake CSK even if they win big in their remaining two matches. So, a win against RCB will more or less secure a playoff spot for CSK. What if they lose? In this case, CSK should ensure that they do not lose by more than 18 points (if RCB scores 200) to stay above RCB's NRR despite the loss. If they lose, they will hope that SRH lose their remaining two matches and LSG secure at least one defeat. In this way, CSK's passage into the top 4 will be assured.

Sunrisers Hyderabad – SRH are currently ranked fourth in the IPL 2024 points table with 14 points.

Remaining matches

SRH and GT


SRH may be slightly ahead to seal the third spot for the IPL 2024 playoffs, but there is no guarantee that SRH can make it through. With 14 points and two games remaining, SRH can reach the 18-point mark, securing a playoff spot, but a defeat in either of their last two games will leave them vulnerable. CSK and either LSG or DC could be equal to SRH in points, and if SRH loses their last two matches, they could fall behind CSK and LSG in the points table. SRH's opponents in their previous two matches are GT and PBKS. Wins in both matches will seal their place in the playoffs, and if RR get past their last two games, SRH can also aim for a top-two finish.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru – RCB are currently occupying the seventh position in the points table with 10 points.

Remaining matches

With their fifth straight win, RCB are making a late push for a playoff spot and it now comes down to their final league match against CSK – who are also fighting for the playoff spot. A defeat will end RCB's campaign, but a victory will keep them alive. But for that, RCB would have to beat CSK by more than 18 runs (if they score 200) to get their NRR over CSK. SRH and LSG could still surpass RCB, but by the time RCB faces CSK on Saturday, LSG would have played both matches. If SRH and LSG lose their remaining matches and do not exceed 14 points and RCB beats CSK by the said margin, both RCB and CSK can make it to the top 4.

Delhi Capitals: DC is currently ranked sixth in the IPL 2024 points table with 12 points.

Remaining matches

Delhi Capitals' latest loss – to RCB – means they are more or less out of the playoff race. With one game remaining against LSG, DC can reach 14 points. While it is possible that SRH, LSG, CSK and RCB all end up with 14 points, DC's NRR is not the highest. They will lose. Heavy defeats against SRH in their last two matches, CSK beating RCB and LSG losing both their matches are the best scenarios for DC to achieve quality, but this is more wishful thinking than logical reasoning. It will not happen !

Lucknow Super Giants – LSG are currently seventh in the IPL 2024 points table with 12 points.

Remaining matches

The victories of CSK and RCB on Sunday made things trickier for LSG. Their -0.769 NRR is the worst among teams still in contention for a playoff spot, and that could come back to bite them even if they win their remaining two games. They can go as high as 16 points, but for a playoff spot, they are hoping that SRH loses both their matches and stays on 14 points, while CSK loses to RCB and stays on 14 points. In this case, LSG can participate in the playoffs as a third team. But, if SRH wins at least one of their matches and CSK beats RCB, then even if LSG wins both their matches, they will not be able to feature in the top 4 base of the NRR.

Gujarat Titans – GT are currently ranked 8th in the points table with 10 points.

Remaining matches

With a 35-run win over CSK, GT avoided elimination from the playoffs for now. Now, with 10 points in their kitty and two matches remaining, they can reach 14 points and are still in contention for a playoff spot. But their NRR is very low, and it is only mathematically that GT is still alive.

Mumbai Indians – MI are currently placed at 9th place in the points table with 8 points.

Remaining matches

Mumbai Indians officially become the first team to be eliminated from the IPL 2024 playoff race, and they will look to avoid the wooden spoon this year.

Punjab Kings – PBKS are currently 10th in the points table with 8 points.

Remaining matches

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  • PBKS became the second team to be eliminated from the playoff race, and with two games remaining, they hope to avoid the wooden spoon this year.

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