“Jokes turned into an avalanche of abuse”: Kevin Pietersen clarifies after calling Ambati Rayudu a “joker” on air | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former England captain Kevin Pietersen took to social media to clarify this call Ambati Rayudu A 'joker” on air was not intentional but simply a playful joke during the post-match show that followed Horsemen Knights of Calcutta' emphatic eight-wicket victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL2024 final.
In a moment of levity, Pietersen teased Rayudu for his visible change in attire following KKR's win, which marked their third initial loading title.

Rayudu, who was seen supporting SRH during the match, initially wore an orange vest. However, after KKR's triumph, he donned a blue vest, attracting the attention of commentators.

Pietersen, known for his playful banter, called Rayudu a “prankster” on air. Host Mayanti Langer noted Rayudu's change in attire, to which Pietersen responded, “I at least held it together. I wore it and I owned it”, pointing out her purple dress.
He further quipped, “You are a joker, always a joker,” while Rayudu replied with a smile, “I support both teams. I support good cricket.”
What started as a friendly joke quickly escalated on social media. Pietersen, seeing the reaction unfold, reached out to X to respond to the negative reaction.

“Come on guys! This tribalism with/against Indian players on social media needs to slow down! Example – @RayuduAmbati and I were messing around after the IPL final and all of a sudden this banter turned into an avalanche of abuse towards Ambati PLEASE stop this?”, posted the former England captain.
Rayudu's change of allegiance, intended as a humorous gesture, instead became a flashpoint for negative comments, prompting Pietersen to call for a more measured and respectful approach from the cricket community.

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