Julian Nagelsmann explains leaving out Leon Goretzka from Bayern Munich and Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund

Ancient Bayern Munich The boss and current manager of the German national team, Julian Nagelsmann, has just a few months to make an impact on his players before EURO 2024 this summer.

Next week’s matches against France and the Netherlands will give coaches and players the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. Essentially, both parties will have the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t.

For Nagelsmann, part of this equation has already been solved with his squad selections. Long-time team members Leon Goretzka and Mats Hummels were left at home in favor of other players.

“The decision was not between (Aleksandar) Pavlović and Leon. Léon’s last matches were much better, it’s true. It’s about finding the right players for the roles, I see other players ahead at the moment. We had others in mind. With very good performance and understanding of the role, the door is not closed. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation [with Goretzka]as you can imagine, but you have to make decisions,” Nagelsmann said (as captured by @iMiaSanMia). “Mats hasn’t played as much lately as before. We now have a different system and one less central defender. There are currently other players there. I don’t see Mats as the ideal choice. It’s not always about finding the best players, but maybe just the most suitable ones.

Injuries and aging have affected Hummels, but Goretzka is in the midst of a recovery – a period where he is among Bayern Munich’s best players. There’s no doubt the midfielder wants to make the EURO squad this summer, but the deal could really elude him in the future.

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