'Kohli needs to relax his standards…': Ambati Rayudu sparks controversy again with comments on Virat Kohli and RCB | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu has once again sparked controversy following his comments on Virat Kohli And Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) after initial loading 2024 final.
Despite Kohli's stellar performance, Rayudu pointed out that the star batter's consistency could actually weigh down the team, even though he has emerged as the competition's top run-scorer.
During an analysis on Star Sports, Rayudu, with Kevin Pietersen and Mayanti Langer, discussed the impact of having a player of Kohli's caliber in a team like RCB.The conversation:
Rayudu: “When you have a stalwart and a legend like Virat Kohli, who has set very high standards, it is very difficult for youngsters to be in a team like that and try to match his standards because he always wants the team to perform at his level.”
Pietersen: “No, it should be good for young people…”
Rayudu: “But sometimes it’s the burden of trying really hard to be Virat Kohli in a sport where you know no one will be like him.”
Mayanti Langer: “But hasn’t Patidar taken over?”
Rayudu: “Patidar can only be a Patidar but not a Virat Kohli, and I think RCB as a management understands that you cannot have 11 Virat Kohli in the team. You have to have 1 Virat Kohli with 10 others being themselves, having their own identities, strengths and weaknesses. And you have to use them well in terms of resources. You can't expect someone to win the game in the first season. so think the management has done its job, and even Virat Kohli needs to relax his standards a bit when it comes to youngsters, nurture them and let them grow.”

Rayudu's previous remarks on Virat Kohli and RCB

Earlier, in his congratulatory message to Shreyas Iyer-led KKR, Rayudu subtly criticized RCB, pointing out that individual accolades like Orange Cap do not guarantee IPL titles, rather it is the collective contributions of the entire team that lead to success.
“Congratulations to the KKR team for really standing up for stalwarts like Narine, Russell and Starc, and also contributing to the team's victory. This is how a team wins the IPL. We have it seen over the years. It’s not the Orange that makes you win the IPL, but it’s the contributions like 300 runs each (from many players),” Rayudu remarked.
Kohli had an exceptional individual season, winning the Orange Cap with 741 runs in 15 innings, including one hundred and five fifties, at an average of 61.75 and a strike rate of over 154. Despite his impressive performance, RCB n 'once again failed to reach the title.

Rayudu's criticism of RCB's management:

This is not the first time that Rayudu has criticized RCB. After their exit from IPL 2024 following a defeat against Rajasthan Royals in the Eliminator, Rayudu spoke to X to express his thoughts. He highlighted the shortcomings of RCB's management and leadership, suggesting that prioritizing individual milestones rather than team interests hindered their success.
“My heart truly goes out to all the RCB fans who have supported the team with passion over the years. If only the management and leadership had stood up for the interests of the team before the individual stages, RCB would have won multiple titles .Remember how many fantastic players have been left behind. Force your management to sign players who will put the team's interests first. A great new chapter can begin with the mega auction.

Rayudu's remarks sparked a significant debate in the cricket community, highlighting RCB's continued struggles to convert individual brilliance into team success.

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