Laporta's close associate tries to convince Xavi to leave Barcelona by mutual agreement

The situation around coach Xavi Hernández is in flux, as he faces an exit but has not yet received a formal decision from the board of directors.

The main cause of discontent with Xavi has been his brutally honest statements about Barcelona's dire financial situation, which did not sit well with the club's hierarchy.

Steps are now being taken to ensure that both sides can understand each other's position and find a solution.

Xavi invited to leave gracefully

Xavi and his team spent more than four hours at the Ciutat Esportiva, visited by club representatives Rafa Yuste and Alejandro Echevarria, Laporta's former brother-in-law.

Now, according to ASEchevarria is present at the meeting to address the crisis, which could lead to a serious split if mishandled.

Xavi is disturbed by the ongoing controversy and confused by the recent uproar. He is also perplexed by media chatter about his future.

For now, Laporta's ex-brother-in-law has advised Xavi to wait a few days for things to calm down before recommending an arrangement be made regarding his departure in order to avoid further problems.

Ready to go ? (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

Additionally, an exchange between Laporta and Xavi has already taken place in which it was decided that a meeting would take place in a few days.

While Laporta has chosen to postpone his meeting with Xavi, the priority at this stage is to find the most advantageous approach to letting go of the coach.

It would appear that the club's management would rather see resignations than layoffs, especially given the financial implications.

The cost of firing Xavi could be heavy

Xavi's dismissal could not only worsen relations, but also force the club to will result in a cost of 20 million euros.

This explains why the Bareclona board members are trying to smooth things over with Xavi and convince him to be on the same page instead of remaining in the dark and receiving the ax out of the blue .

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