‘Mom collapsed, doctor said she wasn’t able to…’: R Ashwin reveals how trauma happened during Rajkot test

The third India vs England Test at Rajkot was special for Ravichandran Ashwin. On the second day of the Test Match, Ashwin dismissed England Zak Crawley to bag his 500th Test scalp. Before him, only Anil Kumble reached the milestone among the Indians. He became the ninth bowler in the world to take 500 wickets. However, a few hours after this feat, Ashwin went through a traumatic experience for which he had to leave the team immediately. “Ravichandran Ashwin has withdrawn from the Test squad, with immediate effect due to a family medical emergency. During these difficult times, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the team fully support Ashwin” , the BCCI said in its statement. According to reports, Ashwin’s mother Chitra suffered a medical emergency.

Now, Ashwin has revealed how exactly things happened. “We went to the dressing room for another debriefing and then went back to our rooms. Rohit and I and others were just discussing some things about the match here and there.

“That’s when I realized I wasn’t getting calls from my parents or my wife. I thought they were busy answering calls and giving interviews. I called my wife around 7 p.m. to ask her why my parents weren’t answering my call. Her voice was a little shaky. She asked me to come separately from the crowd and told me that my mother collapsed afterwards a headache,” Ashwin said on his Youtube channel.

“I passed out. I didn’t know how to react or what questions to ask. I was crying but I wanted to make sure no one was watching me cry. You don’t have to think about it that way, but it was instinctive. I couldn’t think. I had been crying in my room for a while.

“Then the team physiotherapist checked me because I wasn’t responding to calls. Rahul Bhai and Rohit Bhai also came to check on me, and all I could tell them was that I didn’t “I couldn’t think clearly,” he added.

At this moment of personal shock, Ashwin said he was thinking of the team. “I’m in the playing XI and the game is on the line. If I leave, the team will find themselves with 10 people fighting against a full England team when they had the upper hand. If I leave, they will. be a short bowler. There were so many things going through my mind. At the same time, I was on another track in my head, thinking about the last time I spoke to my mother. I just wanted to see her and then come back,” he explained.

“I asked how she was and if she was conscious, but the doctor apparently told me that she was not fit to be seen. I lost my mind,” Ashwin said.

Ashwin then revealed how the Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma helped him.

“I was looking for a flight, but I couldn’t find one. Rajkot airport closes at 6 p.m. and there are no flights after 6 p.m. I didn’t know what to do. Rohit and Rahul Bhai came to my room, and Rohit asked me to stop thinking. He told me to go see my family and he was trying to arrange a charter flight for me.

” A big thank you to Cheteshwar Pujara; he somehow found flights to Ahmedabad and reached here in Rajkot so that I could travel. I didn’t know how those two hours went,” he added.

“Rohit did something else: he asked Kamlesh, our physiotherapist, to fly with me to Chennai and be with me. He was one of the two physiotherapists on the team. During our ride to At the airport, Rohit kept calling her and asking her to be with me. with me during this difficult time,” Ashwin added.

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