MotoGP Indian GP postponed for 2024 will be 2025 opener

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The 2024 Indian Grand Prix, which was due to take place in mid-September, has finally been officially delayed by MotoGP series organizer Dorna after months of political wrangling.

Rather than disappearing altogether, the race at the Buddh International Circuit will instead become the opening round of the 2025 campaign, with the traditional season opener in Qatar pushed back due to religious holidays.

This in turn opens up the possibility of the postponed Kazakhstan Grand Prix taking its place on the 2024 calendar, despite lingering questions over the readiness of the Sokol circuit.

Indian GP, ​​MotoGP

Speculation has swirled for weeks that this year's race at the Buddh circuit outside the Indian capital Delhi will be canceled. Dorna and race organizer Fairstreet Sports have exchanged incredibly angry words in recent consecutive weeks over paying the money owed. from last year's inaugural race.

This process has been further complicated by India's ongoing general elections, with results day on June 4 seen as a sort of tentative deadline to confirm or deny whether the race would go ahead on September 22.

It appears that the relationship between the series and the race organizer has been mended somewhat, but with only a few months until the race is scheduled to take place and with tickets not even on sale, the compromise found in the framework of their negotiations is that the race is moving forward. towards a more hospitable time of year and will become the opening of the 2025 season.

Indian GP, ​​MotoGP

Described by many members of the MotoGP grid as being the worst physical conditions they have ever raced in thanks to a combination of high temperatures, humidity and air pollution, the race organizer aimed to move it earlier in the year – with The climate of March (similar to that of spring in much of southern Europe) is considered much more favorable.

“It has been mutually decided to shift the race to March next year. We are looking at the first or second week of March,” Pushkar Nath Srivastava, CEO of Fairstreet Sports, told the Indian news agency PTI.

“All stakeholders, including Dorna, agreed that the September weather is not suitable for racing and is difficult for riders and marshals, as was the case last year.”

And although the Qatar round at the Lusail circuit is traditionally (and contractually) the opener of the MotoGP season, the clash of dates with the holy month of Ramadan from February 28 to March 29 has already raised questions about how this would be handled – something that has at least been resolved. for the moment by this new temporary arrangement with India.

The deal could also see not one but two trips to the Buddh circuit in 2025, should MotoGP also choose to move its normal pre-season testing at Lusail to the track as well, which would make sense by one point from a logical and operational point of view. .

However, while this could have theoretically solved many of Dorna's problems as it attempts to fit the delayed Kazakh round into the 2024 calendar, it is not yet certain that it will go smoothly even after the initial delay of the race compared to its June date. , apparently due to flooding in the north of the country in April.

It is now believed that the track itself is finally finished and ready to receive homologation.

Instead, The Race's sources believe the outstanding issues are linked to other infrastructure issues such as road access, timing and high-speed internet, meaning that even despite the new reserved space on the calendar, it could still be a race against time. so that it will be fully functional by September.

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