'Not a sportsman': Internet on Pakistani cricketer Azam Khan eating street food in New York

With two defeats in as many matches, Pakistan are off to a poor start to their T20 World Cup 2024 campaign. It started with a defeat against co-hosts USA. In their next match, Pakistan faced a six-run defeat against their arch-rivals India. Amid their poor run in the T20 World Cup, Pakistani wicketkeeper Azam Khan was presumably spotted enjoying street food at a shop in New York.

The video, which surfaced online after Pakistan's defeat against India, left fans furious for showing Azam in a carefree mood. Azam is often criticized for his lack of fitness and the latest viral post has only added fuel to the fire.

In response to the post, one social media user wrote: “Shameful.”

This fan even called for Azam Khan to be banned from international cricket. “Bro should be banned from international cricket immediately. Afterwards, he eats everything we don't care about. Don’t eat the emotions of loyal fans,” the response read.

Taking a dig at Azam Khan, one person commented, “How can a professional cricketer eat at a fast food restaurant during a WC?” They have no idea about the players' diet and what not to eat these days. »

“There is no such thing as professionalism in the Pakistani team, brother. [There is no such thing called professionalism in the Pakistan team]” reads another response.


Another user cheekily responded: “What New Yorker would believe this is a national team athlete at a World Cup in progress.” »

One social media user opined: “He might be a food addict. Which is cool. But he’s not a sportsman.”

Coming to Azam Khan's defense, another person commented: “Let him eat in peace dude. Just because he’s healthy (fat) doesn’t mean he shouldn’t eat at all.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, one user wrote: “He just eats like we all do 3 times a day.” What’s the problem and that’s also the flavor of New York when you eat from food trucks.”

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  • In Pakistan's opening match of the T20 World Cup 2024 against co-hosts USA, Azam Khan was looking for a duck. Pakistan faced a Super Over defeat in this match. The result did not change much in the next match as Pakistan lost by six runs against India. Azam did not feature in this match against arch-rival India. Pakistan will next face Canada this evening in New York.

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