'Nvidia chips for INR 199 are a bargain': Menu from 'Bhundraiser' event in NCR goes viral | Tendency

A comedian spoke to X to share his creative vision for the menu for a fundraising event in the National Capital Region (NCR). Naming it “Bhundraiser”, Garv Malik gave a unique touch to the cocktails and snacks on the menu. Social media users couldn't help but react to the inventive naming and offerings.

This creation "Fundraising" The menu is all the rage on social networks.  (X/@malikgarv)
This creative “Bhundraiser” menu is all the rage on social media. (X/@malikgarv)

“Nvidia chips for INR 199 are a bargain. But Ginerative AI is to die for. We will share more photos of Bhandraiser NCR soon! »wrote comedian Garv Malik while sharing a photo of the menu on the microblogging platform X.

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According to the menu, the Long Island Frozen Term Sheet (LIITS) is priced at 700, Ginerative AI with gin, cucumber and cactus costs 600, and Web 3.0 (Whiskey sour) is also 600. Tech crunch, made with masala peanuts, is available for 249, and Nvidia chips, which contain nachos, are available 199. The menu also offers a dessert called Panna Cotta for 380.

Take a look at the 'Bhundraiser' menu here:

As expected, the menu shared by the comedian garnered a lot of popularity on social media. The menu gained many views, likes and retweets. A few even left comments on the post.

Check out some reactions to this post here:

“Panna cotta pe creative budget nahi tha,” wrote one X user.

Another asked: “Where's my A-series sangria?”

“Suggest including bread chips,” said a third.

A fourth person shared a GIF in response to the menu. The text on the GIF says: “There's so much creativity involved.”

Earlier, a Mumbai-based singer gave a creative twist to the Panchayat theme song and shared a video recording of his version of the song on Instagram.

The video opens with Shrivastava introducing the Phulera gram panchayat featured in the series available on Amazon. Throughout the video, he introduces the head of the village council and other characters like Sachiv ji, Prahlad Cha and Vikas.

The lyrics say this: “The name of this village is Phulera. Where are Pradhan and Prahlad Cha? The secretary is our hero, he has dreams in his eyes. Vikas is their assistant. Manjudevi is also Pradhan. Secretary ji taught the entire nation.»

Amazon reacted to the video and said: “I listen to this over and over. »

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