Qualification scenarios of all teams after RCB vs DC, ft KKR, RR, CSK, SRH, RCB, DC, LSG, GT, MI, PBKS

IPL 2024: After RCB vs DC, 7 teams are fighting for 3 playoff spots. Here are the qualifying scenarios.


IPL 2024: Let's take a look at the qualification scenarios for all the remaining contenders for the playoff spots.


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As we enter the last week of 2024 Indian Premier Leaguethe championship phase of (IPL), Horsemen Knights of Calcutta are the only team to have confirmed their participation in the playoffs, despite 61 matches already played. Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings are the two teams eliminated, leaving seven teams in a crowded and fierce battle for three playoff vacancies.

Here is the current points table:

IPL 2024 Points Table – As it is after RCB vs DC

Let's take a look at the qualifying scenarios for all teams:

Kolkata Knights – 18 points (NRR: +1.428)

Gujarat Titans (May 13)

Rajasthan Royals (May 19)

Qualifying scenarios

Kolkata Knight Riders have already secured their place in the playoffs, becoming the first team, and so far, the only team to do so in IPL 2024. Winning their final two matches would mean they complete the playoff stage. championship in first position.

Even if they win a match, they will probably finish first as only Rajasthan Royals can reach 20 points and their NRR is much lower. Either way, KKR will still play in Qualifiers 1.

Unless Rajasthan Royals win their last two matches and Sunrisers Hyderabad do the same and win the last two matches by massive margins, KKR will make it to Qualifier 1 even if they lose their next two matches.

Rajasthan Royals – 16 points (NRR: +0.349)

Kings of Punjab (May 15)

Calcutta Knight Riders (May 19)

Qualifying scenarios

Victories in both matches will guarantee RR not only a place in the playoffs, but also a ticket to Qualifiers 1.

They will still qualify for the playoffs with just one win. However, their participation in Qualifier 1 will depend on SRH's results in their last two matches.

Even if they lose both matches, RR is likely to qualify for the playoffs since only CSK, SRH and LSG can reach 16 points, and LSG has a poor NRR. Therefore, the Royals will qualify until Lucknow win their last two matches by huge margins with CSK and SRH reaching 16 points.

Chennai Super Kings – 14 points (NRR: +0.528)

Royal Challengers Bangalore – May 18

Qualifying scenarios

If CSK wins, they will reach 16 points. Due to their healthy NRR, 16 points will be enough to qualify for the playoffs unless SRH also reaches 16 points and LSG win their last two matches by incredibly large margins.

If CSK loses against RCB, they will be at the mercy of other teams. They will first have to hope to lose narrowly, to finish ahead of RCB on NRR. Even then, they will have to hope that either SRH lose their last two matches or LSG lose at least one of their last two matches with DC failing to win their last match by a huge margin.

Sunrisers Hyderabad – 14 points (NRR: +0.406)

Gujarat Titans – May 16

Kings of Punjab – May 19

Qualifying scenarios

If SRH win their last two matches, they will finish with 18 points and a playoff spot will be assured. They could also participate in Qualifier 1, depending on Rajasthan's results.

If SRH win one of their last two matches, they are still likely to qualify for the playoffs, unless CSK beat RCB and LSG win their last two matches by exorbitant margins .

If SRH doesn't win a match from now on, they will have to hope for several favorable outcomes – first, a CSK win over RCB, then at least a LSG defeat and even if DC wins their final match, it should only not be the case. by a large margin.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru – 12 points (NRR: +0.387)

Chennai Super Kings – May 18

Qualifying scenario

Not only will RCB need to win against CSK, but they will also need to close the NRR gap by roughly chasing a target of 200 runs in 18.1 overs, or securing an 18-run win if they bat first and get the same score. If they succeed, RCB will have to hope that LSG don't win their last two matches and that DC don't win their last match by a margin this competition has never seen.

Game over.


Delhi Capitals – 12 points (NRR: -0.482)

Lucknow Super Giants – May 14

Qualifying scenarios

DC's chances of making the playoffs will be slim even if they beat LSG in their final game. First, they will have to win by a wide margin. Secondly, they will have to hope that CSK beats RCB and SRH loses their last two matches by huge margins.

Back to the drawing board for the IPL 2025 auction.

Lucknow Super Giants – 12 points (NRR: -0.769)

Delhi Capitals – May 14

Mumbai Indians – May 17

Qualifying scenarios

Despite having the worst NRR among the top 7 teams, Lucknow will qualify for the playoffs if they win their last two matches, provided RCB beat CSK. If CSK wins this match, SRH will have to lose their last two matches to make way for LSG.

If LSG win one of their two remaining matches, their chances of qualifying are virtually nil, due to their NRR.


Gujarat Titans – 10 points (NRR: -1.063)

Kolkata Knight Riders – May 13

Sunrisers Hyderabad – May 16

Qualifying scenarios

Only the math purists have still kept the Gujarat Titans in the race because even if they win their last two matches, they are likely to miss out on the NRR. Therefore, they will have to beat KKR and SRH first by unforeseen margins.


Same, but with a little more emphasis.

Mumbai Indians – 8 points (NRR: -0.271)

Lucknow Super Giants – May 17

They are already out of the race, but can help some teams by jeopardizing LSG's chances.

Punjab Kings – 8 points (NRR: -0.423)

Rajasthan Royals – May 15

Sunrisers Hyderabad – May 19

Like Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings are also already out of the race but can get fantasy points by helping other teams.

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