'Righteous character', 'has fire', 'can instill a winning culture': Gautam Gambhir can be the kind of coach India needs | Cricket News

Although it was widely reported that the former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir As India's new coach is a 'done deal', an official announcement on the team's new boss replacing Rahul Dravid could take a few more days. But experts have no doubt that Gambhir is the kind of character who has the fire in him to take the Indian team to new heights.
Among his most recent successes, Gambhir takes on the role of Horsemen Knights of Calcutta' (KKR) mentor just before IPL2024 and turned out to be the chief architect of KKR's third triumph in the T20 league. This only added to his credentials as a mentor, having taken the Lucknow Super Giants to the playoffs in two successive editions, before deciding to join them. KKR in a similar role. “What a record he had as a coach!” said the former wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik, who announced his retirement after IPL 2024, on Cricbuzz. “As a mentor for LSG, two years after qualifying (for the playoffs), I come to KKR and they say to me: 'Please, you have to do something special for us.' to win the trophy.”
This was indeed Gambhir's third IPL title in KKR colours. When the team won its two titles in 2012 and 2014, Gambhir was the captain of KKR.
“He has been at the helm, made all the decisions (for KKR), whether it was sending (Sunil) Narine as an opener or bringing Mitchell Starc into the auction – in all these big signings and having the right team, the right balance and then taking all the shots,” said Karthik, who has previously played for KKR in the IPL.
“I see in the reports that he could also be part of the Indian team (head coach), and I would really like him to do that. He has this fire in him,” Gambhir added.
Gambhir's journey as a player and coach/mentor shows that he knows what it takes to win big tournaments. Apart from three IPL titles with KKR, Gambhir was part of the MS Dhoni-led team when India won the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup.
Karthik believes that Gambhir has put things in such order at KKR that even if he has to leave his post and take up the role of India's head coach, KKR also remains well placed to excel in the upcoming IPL season .
“I think he has really built a good team (KKR), a team that will keep a lot of players and he has left them in a very, very good place. And if he gets the opportunity (Indian coach), I really wish he would take it Being part of the national team and the patriotism he has, I think he will definitely be tempted to take it and I would really like him to come because he will instill that winning culture. that he instilled here (at KKR),” Gambhir believes.
“India would do very well under him because I think he has the fire required.
“As far as KKR is concerned, whenever he comes back (after his stint as India coach), they will take him back with open arms. But I think he has left Shreyas Iyer and the team in a much better place than it was when he took it (mentor role).”
Former New Zealand pacer Simon Doul was also part of the discussion on Cricbuzz and completely agreed with Karthik's opinion.
“Those (Gambhir) are the kind of people you want at the helm: very respected, tough. He's a tough character, but I think he's a very fair character and I think he'll make a great job if he would take over, if he would accept the role,” Doull said.
The tenure of current India coach Rahul Dravid will end after the T20 World Cup in June.

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