“Rishabh Pant might find it very…” Sunil Gavaskar on the wicketkeeper-batsman’s return to competitive cricket | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar anticipates that Rishabh pants may have difficulty finding its current form at the start of the initial loading. However, he believes Pant’s knees will respond positively as he gradually engages in more batting during match scenarios.
Pant, who suffered a horrific car accident in December 2022, will mark his return to competitive cricket as captain of Delhi Capitals after a rigorous 14-month rehabilitation program. “It will be very difficult. But the good thing is that he (Pant) has played cricket. So he has some practice. Mastering the bat is a bit difficult,” Gavaskar told ‘Star Sports’.
Gavaskar expanded on his view by suggesting that Pant’s initial struggle to regain his flowing form in the IPL could stem from the prolonged period of absence from competitive cricket.
“When you talk about a knee injury, the pivoting that takes place. Wicket keeping is also difficult, but even in batting the knee is very important. So maybe initially we won’t see the real Rishabh pants that we are used to,” the maestro said.
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Gavaskar acknowledged that Pant’s presence and lively personality contribute significantly to the entertainment factor of the IPL.
“To find a wicketkeeper like him commentating from behind the stumps is an entertainment in itself because there are a lot of wicketkeepers who would like to disrupt your concentration by saying different things.”
“…..but Rishabh Pant has the ability to say such a thing that whoever he targets, they also laugh, they also enjoy it. But when they enjoy it, their concentration decreases a little, isn’t it? The advantage is for his team then.”
Gavaskar also expressed curiosity about how Shubman Gil would fare well in his first stint as captain of the Gujarat Titans. As Gill takes on this new leadership role, Gavaskar, like many others, is intrigued to see how he handles the challenges and responsibilities that come with leading a team in the IPL.
“That’s going to be the most important thing: how he can handle the captaincy. Will it affect and impact his batting? And the second thing is there’s a commonality in our initials; we are both SG, and if we go even further, my initials are SMG and he has Shubh-Man Gill in his name.”
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