T20 World Cup 2024 – USA handed first-ever clock penalty at crucial juncture against India

The United States became the first team to be penalized under the new stopwatch regulations implemented to increase the pace of play in international T20 cricket. They suffered the penalty, which is imposed after the defensive team failed to restart the next game within a minute of the previous one, finishing for the third time in a set, during a crucial phase of the match. India's pursuit in New York.
At the beginning of the 16th century T20 World Cup In the group match, India needed 35 runs and were in a tricky position on a tough batting pitch, but the equation was reduced to 30 from 30 balls after the penalty. The clock to help speed up rates has become a permanent feature of men's ODIs and T20Is from June 1.

The relevant regulations say: “The clock shall be used to regulate the time elapsed between overs. If the bowling team is not ready to bowl the next over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over, a penalty of five runs will be imposed the third time this occurs in an innings.

The trial period of this playing condition had encouraging results in terms of surcharges. “The results of the stopwatch trial were presented to the Chief Executives Committee (CEC), which demonstrated that approximately 20 minutes per ODI match had been saved in time,” the ICC said upon ratification of the regulations for all international limited-overs cricket matches. played by men. During the trial period, no team exceeded the one-minute limit between overs on three occasions during an innings, making this the first five-run penalty for this offence.

The referees were seen explaining what had happened to Aaron Jones, United's stand-in captain in the absence of the injured Monank Patel. India beat USA by seven wickets and 10 balls to spare.

The United States needed a win or draw in their final match against Ireland to qualify for the Super 8s. If they get no points in their final match, their chances of progress could come down to net run rate. India sealed their place in Super 8 with three wins in three matches.

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