T20 World Cup: No reserve day for 2nd semi-final; the match can be extended by 4 hours


If the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup cannot be played due to continued rain, the team finishing higher in the Super Eight stage will advance to the final.

If the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup cannot be played due to continued rain, the team finishing higher in the Super Eight stage will advance to the final © Getty

The International Cricket Council (ICC) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have allocated 250 minutes of extra time for the second semi-final of the Twenty20 World Cup to ensure the match is completed on that day. However, there will be no reception day.

Following a Cricbuzz report regarding the possibility of the winner of the second semi-final playing in the final the following day, it was clarified on this site that an arrangement has been made to finish the match on the same day. Four additional hours were allocated for the game so that the team would not have to play, travel and then play back-to-back on consecutive days.

For clarification, the first semi-final will take place in Trinidad on June 26 and will begin at 8:30 p.m. local time (6 a.m. the next day India time). The organizers have set aside a day for this match and if it rains in Trinidad, the match will continue until June 27.

The playing conditions for the second semi-final in Guyana are, however, slightly different. It is scheduled to start at 10:30 am local time on June 27 (8:30 pm India time) and the match will have to finish on the same day. The ICC has allocated an additional 250 minutes for the match, meaning umpires can wait around eight hours to complete the Twenty20 match. June 28 will be the travel day and the final will take place on June 29.

“All four teams have exactly the same chance of completing a match. For performance reasons, to ensure that teams do not have to 'play, travel, play' on consecutive days, the decision was made to award extra time for the second half The final publishes the match immediately because the match starts at 10:30, while the first semi-final starts in the evening, which means it is not possible to pay for all extra time. on the same day. This also ensures that fans in the stadium have the best chance of seeing a result on the day,” a source in the know told this site.

As reported by this website, India is in contention to play the second semi-final in Guyana.

Finally, the most important point. If there were to be an improbable situation of rain all day in Guyana, who would win the match? Depending on playing conditions, the team that finishes best in the Super Eight stage will proceed.

Reserve day playing conditions

13.6.1 All matches will consist of one innings per team, with each innings limited to a maximum of 20 overs. All matches will last on one scheduled day, provided that participating countries in a series can agree to provide a reserve day on which an incomplete match may be replayed or continued from the scheduled day.

13.6.2 If the match is to continue on the reserve day, every effort must be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reduction in overs and only if the minimum number of overs required to constitute a match cannot be achieved. will be played on the scheduled day if the match will end on the reserve day.

13.6.3 If the match has started on the scheduled day and the overs are subsequently reduced following an interruption, but no further play is possible, the match will resume on the reserve day in the same scenario as the last ball was played. was played on the scheduled day. .

Tie-break rule

Article 16.10.7 of the playing conditions:

a) In the event of a tie in a semi-final, the teams will compete in a Super Over to determine which team will progress to the final. Refer to clause and Appendix F.

b) If following a tie, weather conditions prevent the Super Over from being achieved, or if the match is abandoned or without a result, then the team which finished first in its second round group will advance to the final.

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