'They need to find these players…': Virender Sehwag on what Pakistan needs to do to stay competitive in T20 cricket | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Indian opening batter Virender Sehwag suggested that Pakistan need to find batters who can bat with a high strike rate to stay competitive in T20 cricket.
Pakistani team led by Babar Azam was eliminated from the current ICC T20 World Cup during the group stage. They lost two crucial matches early in their campaign but managed to win their next two matches. Despite this, they finished third in Group A with four points, behind co-hosts India and the United States.
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Sehwag stressed the need for Pakistan to develop more aggressive batsmen to compete at this level in the future. He pointed out that many Pakistani batters tend to anchor the innings, similarly to Babar Azam And Mohammad Rizwan play.

“Now Babar Azam and others need to go back and think about the way forward in the T20 format. This team may not be able to win matches against a good team even if they get a good wicket” , Sehwag said on Cricbuzz. .
“They have to play differently from the way Babar Azam plays if they want to participate in the next T20 World Cup, that's for sure. There are a few players who play with the same strike rate, which is not good enough for T20. They need to find those players with high strike rates, whether they come from PSL or domestic cricket, and you need to give chances to those players. It's not like Babar has become. the player he is today from his first day, he also took time to give consistent performances so they have to give someone enough time,” Sehwag said.

Sehwag also expressed disappointment over the way Pakistan narrowly won their final group match against Ireland.
“We didn't think (Ireland) would reach 106 and we also didn't think Pakistan would take 19 overs to chase that down,” said former India batter Sehwag.
“What did Pakistan do here, I don't understand. Yes, they won but first they let them go from 32/6 to 106 and then it wasn't like it was a very difficult wicket or that Irish bowling was so good that they had to bowl so carefully in the chase.

Sehwag noted that internal issues within a team can lead to poor performances, although he admitted to not knowing if such issues existed within the Pakistan team.
“That's why we call them unpredictable. You can never tell if they will play well or badly. In this World Cup, they have been poor more often. I don't know what their dressing room is like. Yes everything is good between the players This also plays a role.
“If there are players who are unhappy with the captain or if there are two or three groups in the dressing room etc., that also plays a role, but I say you have to keep these things aside and think about Pakistan This match shouldn't have lasted this long But hey, at least they won it,” Sehwag added.
Sehwag's comments highlight the need for Pakistan to rethink its strategy when it comes to T20 cricket. He calls for identifying and encouraging talents capable of playing an aggressive game, thereby increasing the team's chances in future tournaments.

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