'Unrivaled' – Modric 'surprised' by rising Real Madrid star's mentality

Toni Kroos was the oldest of Real Madrid's golden midfield trio of the last decade. Casemiro is no longer at the club and Toni Kroos will leave next month, leaving Modric as the last cog of the previous generation.

Despite his 38 years, the Croatian star seems ready to continue for another year. He has indeed seen a reduction in his playing time this season, but he is determined to contribute to the club of his life while there is magic left in his boots.

Talk to TNT Sports In a recent interview, the Real Madrid legend commented on numerous topics ranging from his role in the team to the relationship he shared with young players.

Modric began by revealing the special bond he shared with the team's new signing Jude Bellingham and what he thought of the Golden Boy.

“I talk to Jude Bellingham a lot. I think he showed everyone what kind of talent and player he is, but what surprised me the most about him was his mentality and his work ethic, it's second to none.” , he said.

“He is incredible, in every training, in every match, he gives 100%. It was his winning mentality that surprised me.

Modric explained what impressed him most about the former Borussia Dortmund star:

“His football IQ is unbelievable and he understands the game really well, but it's not just that, if you need tackles he's there, if you need to fight he's there. Unbelievable.”

Modric thinks very highly of Bellingham. (Photo by CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP via Getty Images)

Giving an insight into the connection he had with the young players in the dressing room, the midfielder explained how he guided them and helped them improve.

“We are here for them, to help them in every aspect, to show them how they should behave, how they should play. This club teaches you the winning mentality, we are here to help you”, Modric said.

“Of course, our role is evolving, because the new generation is arriving. We are there to help them but also to compete with them because it motivates you, you want to demonstrate that you can still compete with them. I think it's good for the team. he added on the competition.

Finally, Modric was asked what was the secret to his quality, passion and zeal for more at his age, to which he replied:

“For me, I think, it's the love I have for the game, I enjoy every day, every moment of training. I work hard every day, I always feel great physically and mentally.

“It’s my dedication to football that keeps me at this level. I am mentally strong, I am convinced that I can still do it at this level. he concluded.

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