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A math brain teaser went viral on social media and started a debate over the correct answer. The riddle, shared on X, challenges people to work out how much profit a man made after buying and selling a cow. Do you think you can solve this problem using mental arithmetic?

Viral Brain Teaser: Can you solve this question without using pen and paper? (X/@Rainmaker1973)

“A classic puzzle,” wrote account X Massimo on next market he bought it back for 1,40,000. And then I sold it for 1,55,000. What profit did he make?

Take a look at the puzzle here:

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The riddle was shared on March 5. It has since gone viral with over 1.8 million views and the numbers continue to rise. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share the answers they got after solving the riddle.

Check out how people on X reacted to this puzzle:

“45k. His initial investment is 80k. The first profit is 45k. When he goes to buy for the second time, he puts in another $15,000 and then sells for a $15,000 profit, making the second trade void. The real profit is therefore still 45,000,” posted an individual.

Another added: “$60,000. He put $80,000 out of his own pocket and added another $15,000 to the initial sum for a total of $95,000. $155,000 – $95,000 = $60,000. If I mess up, I end my day, go home and take a nap.

“Just think of it as 2 separate transactions. In the first he made 45,000, and in the second he made 15. When you add them up they equal 60,000 which is the correct answer,” said a third.

A fourth user of 000 $. Therefore, in the end, he has 110,000 in total. His profit is 110,000 – 80,000 = 30,000.”

While many believe that “60,000” is the correct answer to this puzzle, others argue that “45,000” is the solution.

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