Virat Kohli: 'We have always thought about what is best for the team': Virat Kohli praises MS Dhoni's tactical genius ahead of IPL showdown | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The stage is set for an epic showdown between two of Indian cricket's legends, Virat Kohli And Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the Indian Premier League 2024 reaches its climax.
With the final playoff spot at stake, Kohli Royal Challengers Bangalore will face that of Dhoni Super Kings of Chennai At M. Chinnaswamy Stadium SATURDAY.
RCB's remarkable resurgence will be put to the test against five-time champions CSK in a high-stakes, do-or-die match that also faces possible inclement weather. This crucial match will determine the fourth and final team to secure a place in the IPL. playoffs, narrowing the race down to these two formidable teams. In the build-up to this highly anticipated clash, Kohli has spoken of his deep respect and admiration for Dhoni's leadership and tactical acumen.
In a video shared by Star Sports, Kohli reflected on their collaborative partnership during their time together in the Indian national team.

“His understanding of the game and ability to handle pressure is second to none,” Kohli said. “His tactical skill as captain is something the world has witnessed for many years.”
Kohli, who was vice-captain under Dhoni, highlighted the transparent communication and mutual respect that defined their relationship.
“When I became captain, I discussed a lot of things with him. When I was vice-captain and he was captain, I constantly bounced ideas off him. That's why we have such a good, mutually respectful relationship, because we have always thought about what is best for the team. He has absolute confidence in me, and I have absolute confidence in him.

Kohli also highlighted the clarity and decisiveness of their decision-making process.
“Every time we discuss something, we come to a conclusion. We have never had discussions that left us uncertain. Either I follow his point of view or he agrees with mine, and we make the decision It's never been 50-50 because when both individuals are only thinking about the team, you always have an instinctive idea of ​​what's right, and we go from there. before, this can only happen when you are absolutely honest with each other.
As the cricketing world watches with bated breath, the showdown at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium is expected to be the highlight of the championship phase of IPL2024.

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