Was MS Dhoni responsible for RCB handshake fiasco? New video adds a new twist

MS Dhoni waits to share hands with RCB players© X (Twitter)

Chennai Super Kings' elimination from the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 has left a bitter taste in the mouths of fans as their dream of seeing MS Dhoni lifting the trophy in Chepauk was not achieved. It is not yet known whether Dhoni plans to play another season, and in this regard, the Royal Challengers Bengaluru players have been criticized by some former cricketers and pundits for their inability to do the customary handshake with MS Dhoni. Many suggested that the RCB players had “over-celebrated” their playoff progress, prompting Dhoni to return to the dressing room without shaking hands. But a contradictory video was broadcast on social networks.

A fan on social media claimed that Dhoni didn't wait much before deciding to return to the dressing room without shaking hands with RCB players, lashing out at those who criticized the host team for “overcelebrating”.

After the handshake, RCB players were criticized by Harsha Bhogle and Michael Vaughan for not giving MS Dhoni the respect he deserved.

“If there was ever a time for a group of players to show conscience. We don't know, but if it was MS Dhoni's last match and these players ran around the field doing handstand when they just had to wait and meet the legend “We just have to go shake his hand and then we can do some cartwheels and the handstand is totally fine,” said l. former England captain on Cricbuzz.

“He's an iconic player. I wouldn't want to be an RCB player tomorrow morning thinking, 'Wait a minute, MS Dhoni announced his retirement and we didn't have the decency to go and shake his hand in first'”, he added.

Harsha, one of the game's most renowned commentators, was not happy to see the RCB players getting lost in their celebrations, forgetting to shake Dhoni's hand.

“It doesn't matter. You win a World Cup final, you show your emotions, but you still shake hands with the opposition. This handshake is symbolic of the fact that (two teams say) ' now our antagonism is over.' We didn’t give an inch to each other Now it’s over,” Bhogle said.

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