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Harshit Rana gets Abhishek Porel (AP Photo)Harshit Rana gets Abhishek Porel (AP Photo)

In a thrilling encounter between Delhi Capitals (DC) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at the iconic Eden Gardens, Harshit Rana showed not only his bowling prowess but also his restraint during an iconic celebration.

The moment arrived in the 6.4th over when Rana, bowling with precision, foiled Abhishek Porel with a full delivery that rattled the stumps, leaving DC in a precarious position.

Watch the video here:

Known for his exuberant celebration of the 'flying kiss', Rana chose to refrain from his usual antics. The move stems from looming fears of fines from cricket authorities for over-the-top celebrations.

Despite the adrenaline rush of dismissing a crucial opposition batsman, Rana chose a more moderate approach, perhaps recognizing the importance of maintaining discipline and respect on the field.

Porel's attempt to innovate with a ramp shot ended in failure, triggering Rana's elation, evident in his pumped-up attitude. However, instead of indulging in his trademark celebration, Rana opted for a simple farewell to the Bengal batter, acknowledging the significance of the wicket in the context of the match.

At the time of writing, DC is at 93/4.

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