Xavi will only accept new Barcelona mandate on one condition – report

Even though Xavi declared in January his intention to leave by the end of the season, Barcelona remains optimistic that he will reconsider his decision. Within the club, there is a growing belief that the 44-year-old is the ideal choice to guide the current team.

This feeling, as reported by World of sportis shared by the club’s leaders, including Joan Laporta, Rafa Yuste and Deco, who actively participate in influence the manager’s decision.

In this regard, Laporta has already confirmed that he will wait until the end of the season to know the coach’s decision. This indicates that he thinks the decision could change and that it is not completely settled.

What is the basis of their argument?

Firstly, Laporta believes that if his team does well in the league and Champions League, Xavi could change his mind about leaving.

Laporta is ready to wait for him and not make a hasty decision because he believes that Xavi can do great things with the current players, especially the youngsters who he has given a chance.

Laporta, Yuste and Deco appreciate that Xavi adapted to the club’s situation, even if it meant not getting all the players he wanted. They are happy that he has not caused problems for the club’s management with his market plans.

Xavi will only continue at Barcelona if certain conditions are met. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

For this reason, Laporta wants to extend Xavi’s contract until 2025, and perhaps even until 2026 if all goes well. They plan to bring in a few rookies this summer to strengthen the team, not just to grab headlines.

What does Xavi want?

People who know Xavi say he’s pretty sure about his decision unless something really important makes him think twice.

This means his team wins the Champions League or the League, or at least fights hard for both titles until the end.

There could be a situation where, because of praise or hope, Xavi thinks about changing his mind, and his family would be okay with that.

But there are conditions: first and foremost, the club must have enough money to make the team stronger.

Xavi doesn’t want a repeat of last summer, where deals fell through because the club didn’t have enough money.

If there is no guarantee that the club can afford to build a great team, then Xavi will not stay, no matter how good the season is.

For Xavi to stay, the club must promise that he can sign the important players he needs. For example, a midfielder like Martin Zubimendi or Joshua Kimmich, who he wanted last summer after the departure of Sergio Busquets.

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