“You won’t see me for a while” – Virat Kohli hints at his post-retirement plans

“It’s quite simple,” Kohli told RCB. “I think as an athlete we have an end date to our career. So I just work backwards. I don't want to end my career thinking 'oh, what if I had done that on that day ' because I can't go on forever.

“So it’s just about not leaving any unfinished business and not having any regrets later, which I’m sure I won’t do.”

Kohli hinted at taking a break after retirement and expressed his desire to give his best for as long as he continues to play.

“Once I'm done, I'll leave, you won't see me for a while (smile). So I want to give it my all until the moment I play, and that's the only thing that keeps me going,” he said.

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